The 10 Best Android Design Sites

So we design a lot of Android app templates here, and we are constantly on the look out for great Android design inspiration sites. Apart from the obvious spots like the Play Store, and Dribble, we use a range of different places to get Android design inspiration.  So I’ve compiled a top ten list of the best Android design sites we’ve found:


10. Icons 8 Android L Icons

The first free Android Material Design icon pack in the world! Must have if you’re designing for Android L.


9. Android Device Screen Size Guide

The completely comprehensive Android device screen guide, which lists all the common device dimensions and screen densities.


8. AndroidUX

A screen shot comparison site, perfect if you’re looking for a particular time of screen.  For example, if you’re looking for design inspiration for an Android draw menu, you can see menus listed here by app.


7. The Guardian’s 50 best Android Tablet apps

Pretty self explanatory, it’s a list of the Guardian’s 50 best Android Tablet apps!


6.  TechHive’s 11 Essential Android Tablet Apps: The Ultimate Starter Kit

Got a new Android device?  These are the basic apps you need to get to trick it out.


5. Inspired UI

This is a blog of Android app design inspiration, with just simple screen shots of new apps, grouped by each app.


4. Android App Patterns

Another handy app patterns blog, with nicely grouped and laid-out screen shots, that includes a short description of the app.


3. Mobile Patterns

A limited, but well curated, Android design patterns blogs.


2. Android Niceties

A tumblr blog of Android design inspiration and patters, where you can choose your image preview size (but lacks a search which is a little annoying).


1. Android Design Guidelines

Might be a bit obvious, but this has to be the No.1 resource for Android design for anyone, and gotta be bookmarked! More than just rules, they give design philosophies and inspiration behind Android Material design.  A must read before and during designing any app for Android.






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