11 Best Minimalist iPhone App Designs (2012)

Minimalist app designs are a major trend for iPhones at the moment.  As their name implies they have minimal design features.  They tend to have one job which they do very well but there are no bells and whistles involved.

Our 11 favourite minimalist apps are as follows:

 1. Pop for iOS



Pop is just like having a piece of paper on your iPhone. It’s perfect if all you want to do is make some notes without distraction. The only other thing you can you is copy and paste your way out of the app.

 2. Clear


Clear by Realmac Software has one mission, and that is to simplify your life.  Clear  can be used to make and maintain any type of simple list.  It could be a shopping list, a to do list, a guest list, a bucket list or any other kind of list.  Create your list and then tick each task off as you accomplish them.

3. The Accidental News Explorer


The Accidental News Explorer (ANE) is a new type of news application which will take you on a voyage of discovery every time you use it. Enter a search term and a list of articles will come up.  Choose the articles you want to read. Once you have read all you want about that subject, press the “related topics” button at the bottom of the screen and let your voyage continue.  Where will it take you?

ANE is created by CreativeApplications.Net .

4. iA Writer


iA Writer is a minimalist writing app which gives a fantastic writing experience on both iPhone and iPad.  The high resolution on the iPhone gives the iA Writer a beautifully clear font on a paper-like surface. Developed by Information Architects, Inc.

 5. Instapaper


Instapaper by Marco Arment is one of our favourite apps.  It’s simple but absolutely brilliant!   Any time you see something that you want to read at a later stage just send it to Instapaper.   When you open up the app you get a nice clean interface with a layout optimized for reading articles. All distractions are stripped away.  You can also find content within Instapaper where you can read the editor’s picks of the most saved stories.

 6. Shoppy


Shoppy is the typical minimalist app.  Simple but brilliant. Our favourite feature is its ability to remember the order you picked things up last time you went shopping and sort them accordingly. So next time you go shopping your list will be in the right order. If it’s your partner’s turn to do the shopping, just email the list to them or they can easily import it into their own Shoppy.

 7. Trickle for Twitter


Trickle is a minimalist twitter client for iPhone.  Just about the only thing it does is display tweets. That’s what it was built for. You can also retweet and favourite tweets but that’s about it!

 8. TeuxDeux


TeuxDeux is a neat little app which lets you effortlessly keep track of your to-do list.  It’s based on a web application which easily syncs with the iPhone app when you are on the move. If you love lists and checking things off, then this app is for you.  The app is a collaboration between swissmiss & Fictive Kin

9. Sparrow


Sparrow makes dealing with email on your iPhone easy.  It has a clear, intuitive layout and easy to navigate with just a swipe. Supports both POP and IMAP but does not do Push notification yet.

10. MiniMash


If mixing music is your thing then MiniMash is the app for you.  It scans your favourite tracks’ beat information and lets you create your own mashups right from your iPhone.

MiniMash can also save your musical creation and easily share it. The app is designed by Daniel Iglesia of Iglesia Intermedia.

11. LightBomber


LightBomber by MRI Lightpainting is a cool app that lets you make light shows on your iPhone. Use the long exposure camera and either your own lights or ones which are included in the app to make light trails and amazing nightlife portraits.  Once your masterpiece is done, share it with the LightBomber community or your own friends on Facebook or Twitter.

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