The 2 Things That Make An iPhone App Design Ugly

The key thing that separates most successful apps from their competiton is the iphone app designs that they have. Of course functionality, marketing and usefulness are close runners – but with Apple’s all encompassing design philoshophy, most iOS users are very sensitive to the quality of designs in iphone apps. And in most cases, it can make or break the success of them. In short, no app makes it very far in the app store without a very good iphone app design – barring a few surprising exceptions.

For most people, a great iphone app design is out of reach. Mainly due to the fact that getting one is quite expensive. Our custom iphone app templates attempt to solve that problem for people in that position. But if you’re inclined to make you own design from scratch then here are some of the key iphone app design pitfalls you should try to avoid.

Note: We did not include pictures of actual apps in this post as we did not want to offend independent developers.

Web 2.0 Design Elements


Web 2.0 elements for the most part, make iphone app designs look incredibly tacky. The style of design, though once fashionable, just doesn’t fit with apples high end app design philosophy. You should avoid using design elements like these as much as possible and instead of them, opt for designs more like this:

Bad Color Combinations


Color combinations are extremely important. So much infact, that this simple error is what makes most designs out there look ugly. For a quick and easy way to make powerful color choices. Check out resources like the rel=”nofollow”Dribbble color search tool. Where you can type in a color then search for the ones that match it, by viewing the results and how they use it. You can also use Colourlovers, they allow you to search through endless color wheels and select the best colors for your iphone app designs needs.

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