22 Most Inspiring iPhone App Designs

With so many applications available in the iPhone app store, it is sometimes difficult to find the really useful ones.

Below we have listed 22 iphone app designs that we think are the most inspiring:

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1. Echoer


A new way of sharing experiences with those around you.  Echoer is a free app which allows you to see what other users in your vicinity are thinking or doing.  Add your own echo or promote somebody else’s.

2. Fooducate 

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Get all the nutritional information you need about virtually any food item you can think of.  You can either scan the barcode using the iPhone’s camera, browse by category or search for individual items.   Fooducate helps you make informed decisions about what you and your family eat.

3. Forkly


An app for foodies.  A social network focussed on restaurants and eateries.  What’s good and what’s not good in restaurants near you. Contributors gain points for contributing and become an influencer.  Restaurant owners can list their menus, promote their restaurant and partake in the conversation.

4. Runkeeper

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Runkeeper is used by over 10 million people to track their exercise routines, whether it’s running, walking, riding, skiing or other activity.  Not only will it track time and distance but it will also keep all your records, measure heart rate, play motivating music and much more.

5. HotelTonight


This app lets you find the best deals for hotels tonight.  Get up to 70% off the listed price in selected cities in the U.S., Canada and in London. Book directly through the iphone.

6. Fancake 


A sports fan’s dream app.  Get rewarded for watching sport on television.  Answer questions, make predictions, compete and share with other viewers.  Earn tickets and merchandise for paying attention to the game.

7. Lemon


Lemon is a digital wallet that helps you organize your financial affairs. Keep track of your expenses and receive tips on how you can save money based on your current spending.  Securely store backup copies of all your cards.

8. Mingle!


Mingle is a social app for professionals. Discover and make contact with professionals near you.  Features include lead generation, video introductions and unlimited real time messaging.

9. News.me


Let the most important news from Facebook and Twitter find you. News.me sorts the news out for you and shows you the most important content based on your preferences. Save news to read later, make comments or share on your favourite social network.

10. Onefeat


Choose one of the thousands of real life challenges available or make up your own.

Do the challenge, take an epic photo and share your feat.  The more votes you get the more points you score.

11. Qello


Qello lets you view concerts and QelloTV right on your iPhone or you can stream them to your Apple TV with airplay.

12. Red Stamp


Choose from a wide range of photo cards, notes and invitations, add your personal message and then send them by e-mail, text, Facebook, Twitter or even ordinary mail.  All of this right from your iPhone.

13. Scoopshot


Fancy yourself as a photojournalist?  Scoopshot lets you sell your newsworthy pictures to the media at the price that you set.  If the media want exclusive use then you get 10 times your asking price!

14. Shadow Cities

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Shadow Cities makes your city into a virtual battleground.  Conquer your neighborhood and conquer other cities around the world. Become part of a global community and lead your team to victory in weekly campaigns.

15. SideBets Social BETworking


SideBets lets you make bets with your friends and colleagues on your favorite game. The app keeps track of all the details like scores, odds and payouts.

16. VoicePark


VoicePark uses a sophisticated sensor system to guide motorists to the nearest available parking space.  It is currently only available in San Francisco but will soon be rolled out in 50 other cities around the world.  Big city parking frustration could soon be a thing of the past.

17. Voxer Walkie Talkie


Turn your phone into a  Walkie Talkie.  Save on voice calls by calling a friend or a group of friends using the Voxer Walkie Talkie app.

18. Measured:


This is an unbelievably clever app.  If you want to measure something, the height of a building for instance, just take two pictures of it. That’s it!  The app will do the rest. Needs to be seen to be believed!

19. Capture:


Never miss a photo opportunity again.  This clever little app adds a capture button to the iPhone’s home screen which lets you immediately take a picture or start recording video.

20. TuneIn Radio:

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If you like radio then you will love the TuneIn Radio app.  For just $0.99 you can download the app to your iPhone and you will get access to 60 000 radio stations around the world.  Upgrade to the pro version and you will also be able to record onto your phone.

21. Shazam


Shazam is one of those “wow” apps that really makes you wonder how it works.  Its most remarkable feature is that it can “listen” to a sample of music. It will tell you exactly what is playing and play a 30 second sample.  You can then go into iTunes and download the song.

22. WordLens:


If you want to translate a word from a foreign language into English, just take a photo of it. WordLens will tell you what it means.  There’s also an option to type words in. The app is a free download but you have to pay for the language packs from inside the app. No more pesky foreign menus.

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