5 iPhone App Designs That Got Over 1 Million Downloads

1 millions downloads of an app takes a lot of doing. The pieces involved are too many to go over in this post, they deserve posts of there own if i’m honest. The odds are stacked against anyone doing it. But these iphone app designs have managed to beat those odds.

Here are 5 of the top iphone app designs that got over 1 million downloads:

1. Instagram:


Not only did this app get millions of downloads, but it was also recently purchased for $1 BILLION dollars. I’m not a huge user of the app, because i kind of don’t ‘Get it’.  But judging by that price tag. Someone does.

2. Square


Not only an incredible innovation but a staggering success so far. With well over a million downloads of this app, which supports its square card reader. This will one day be the way we exchange money. Or atleast, i hope it does. 🙂

3. Camera+


This app defies belief, the success it has seen on the app store so far has been amazing. The design is getting better everyday, with new filters added frequently as in app purchases. And other cool features are being added all the time. Personally i highly recommend this app, and i’m not the only one. So far it has earned its company over $5 million with over 10 million downloads.

4. Doodle Jump


If you’ve read some of my other posts, you’ll know that i’m a huge fan of this app. The iphone app design, the story and the success of this iphone app never fails to amaze me. Made my a small firm called Lima Sky, it shot up the app store with its simple iphone app ui and charming design to be downloaded roughly 10 million times. Netting the company well over $5 million.

5. Pandora


With it’s 80 million online users as of 2011, Pandora’s iphone app has seen well over 1 million downloads since launch. My only wish is that they make it available in other countries. Like the United Kingdom!

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