7 iPhone App Designs That Got People Rich

We always wonder what about a specific app made it become a success. I personally think that the iphone app design plays a large part, but of course there are other factors. Marketing, app functionality and even position in the app store.

That being said, i still believe the most important thing to be design because in an iphone app, on the very well designed iphone, nothing catches the users eye more.

Here are the 7 Top iPhone App Designs That Got People Rich:

1. Tiny Wings


Andreas Illinger was a one man  show when he first started on Tiny Wings, a game that has now been downloaded over 4 million times and has revenues of over $3 million a year.

2. Draw Something


OMGPOP was a small yCombinator startup with less than $23,000 invested in it just a few years ago. After releasing Draw Something with a very well done and unique iphone app design, they got 50 million downloads within 50 days. Soon after they were acquired for $180 million, by gaming giant, Zynga.

3. Instagram


With a $1 billion acquisition, no list would be complete without instagram. This is that one idea you wish you had come up with. Started by two young entrepreneurs, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, with a ‘small’ investment of $500k, they lead their small iphone app design to $1 billion dollars of Facebook Cash.

4. Camera+


With it’s simple but effective iphone app design,  Camera+ has managed to pull in over $5 million in revenues since its launch. Amazing considering it was started by a small group of developers and designers at taptaptap.

5. Design this Home


Developed by App Minis for just $50 000. This iPhone app design has pulled in over $1 million a month and has over 300,000 users a month. The game is based on designing and decorating a house.

6. Doodle Jump


No App success list would be complete without this iphone app design. Doodle jump, developed by the small firm, Lima Sky managed to pull in over $11 million in revenues since it launched.

7. Skee Ball


It blows my mind, how well this iphone app design has done. Made by a small firm called, ‘Freeverse’, this app has been downloaded over 2.5 million times earning the founders well over $1 million. The company was also recently acquired by ngmoco, so the total sum earned is likely much higher.

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