Android Leads the Way with Wearable Technology

Android Leads the Way with Wearable Technology

Android and innovation can be said to have become one in the same. Google led the way with their Android open platform OS in 2008, which exploded within the market, and now they are extending it a step further. March of 2014 brought Google’s announcement of ‘Android Wear’, which extends the Android operating system from a smartphone, to a touch screen “smart” wrist watch.  Google released API’s that allow for app creation on the watches. Beginning this summer, Android wearers can check the time, while simultaneously checking Facebook notifications, email, the weather, and utilizing Google Now.

This is an opportunity, not only for consumers, but developers who are looking for a new avenue of app creation. The new devices, and the apps created specifically for them, will make it easier than ever before to incorporate technology into daily life.

Android Wearable Usefulness

Google has now redefined where their technology can be implemented. Wherever a user is, they can still stay connected with their online world without carrying anything. These Android wearables, allow people to obtain any information they need at any time. The applications allow for the viewing of social media info, chats from messaging apps, notifications, and updates. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a great deal of opportunity for developers to reach this new market of the Android audience with innovative, useful and entertaining apps. How about a wrist size version of a little game you may have heard of with some birds, I think they were a bit perturbed? Who knows?

Vocal Communication

Life is simplified when interacting with the Android wearable. It has a smart application which takes vocal commands. All that is needed is for the user to speak out the golden words ‘Ok Google’ and the device is ready to compute a command. Whether it’s providing relevant information, making reservations, setting an alarm, or calling for utility services, the wearable has it covered. It is a dynamic and impressive way of communicating with a smart device. The voice command capabilities can be utilized in creative ways through developer’s application creations.

Monitor Your Health

An Android wearable can also be an ideal health coach, keeping track of fitness programs. There is a huge market of customers who will want various fitness programs for their wearable, as a smartphone can be a pain while working out. From fitness summaries, to tracking, to playlists, the app possibilities are numerous.

Implement Clouding

With an Android wearable, there is also the capability to access cloud storage and interact with remote devices right from the wrist. Again, by simply saying ‘Ok Google’ the music system can be activated, or other home appliances can be accessed, like a TV.

Apps for Android Wearable

With the Android market, the possibilities for applications on the wearable is sure to expand. Developers have access to preview their apps, so they can create, test and perfect them specifically for the wearable devices. Along with the software, several electronic manufacturers and service providers are coming together to give the customers the unique experience with the hardware. Google has taken a step forward to partner with companies like Samsung, Motorola, Asus, LG, and HTC, to fill the market with their new wearable devices. The release of the wearable’s are just the beginning, the true potential lies in the imagination of developer’s and their creation of applications.


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