Apple: Starting February 1 all new App submissions for the App Store must be ‘optimized for iOS7′

On the 17 December 2013 Apple announced on its developer portal upcoming changes to its Apple App Store policy.

This means that starting 1 February 2014 all new App Store submissions must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5 and ‘optimized for iOS7’.

The new rule will apply to both new apps and updates. Which means that any apps built on previous versions of Xcode or that are not optimized for iOS7 will be rejected from the App Store. Depending on which way you look at it, it should provide some motivation for developers to update their developer tools and optimize their apps for iOS7.

But what does ‘optimized for iOS7’ really mean?

Most developers would naturally assume that it means that they have to step into the world of flat design, translucent elements and embrace negative space. This however is not the case; it just means that the underlying code in the app must be optimized for iOS7.

A new report suggests that 74% of device users have already updated to the latest firmware version (iOS7) device users will soon come to expect that Apps feature flat design and skeuomorphic will look so yesterday.

MyAppTemplates is here to help make the transition from skeuomorphic to flat with its design and consulting service. Below is an example of the Activity app template that MyAppTemplates converted from iOS6 to iOS7.

Activity App iOS7 - New Activity

Flat Design Activity Template (iOS7)

Activity App iOS6 - New Activity

Skeuomorphic Activity Template (iOS6)


If you feel it’s time for a full refresh then MyAppTemplates can create a fully customised template with PSD’s that embraces flat design.



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