Bluethumb iOS7 art app – a cool new app

Here’s a fantastic new iPhone app for iOS7, the Bluethumb art app.  Released last week in the Australian app store, it feels like a game changer for art on phones.  We haven’t seen a visual art market place as a app before at all, and we think this really kills it for useability and easy browsing.  You can buy art, and artists can sell art directly through the app! That’s the other killer featured: in a few taps buy art and have it delivered to your door. Bang. It’s written up in a blog post on Bluethumb here or check out the video


We’re often just posting our templates, but this Bluethumb art app is available in the Australia App Store, now, for free download here

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News |CATEGORY SLUG: news | Date : 16 November, 2013 | Tags :