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Five Most Popular App Categories For 2017

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 4 January, 2017 | Tags : , , ,

2016 saw many of the usual suspects, such as social media and games, dominating distribution and customer usage time. There were a few surprises, however, which look to build momentum moving into the new year as app developers continue to innovate. According to Apple and Google Play Store sales figures and industry projections, you can […]

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12 Tips to Earn More Money With Your App

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 25 December, 2016 | Tags : , , ,

There are over two million available apps in the App Store for Apple and Android users. Since the market place is crowded, it is important for you to develop a sold marketing plan for your mobile app before and after its launch. Here are 12 marketing tips that can help you earn more money from your […]

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My thoughts on the Freelancer IPO: 400million valuation on $500,000 profit

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 3 November, 2013 | Tags :

By my rough calculations, is floating at a PE of 800.  That’s some serious potential earning the market is factoring in, given the ASX has a rough PE of 10-12.  That is, it would take your average ASX listed company 10 – 12 years for a company to earn back it’s worth. Freelancer, on […]

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How much does it cost to develop an app?

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : business | Date : 9 October, 2013 | Tags : , , ,

How much does an app cost? How often I hear this question, and I still can’t give an immediate answer. “$8390.30”. I’d love to be able to say a figure, just one word, bang. But the truth is there is no answer to this, as the question is too vague. It’s the same as saying […]

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And Steve said “Let there be an iPhone”…

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : daily inspiration | Date : 7 October, 2013 | Tags :

I know we focus on apps, and building them from app templates, but taking a step back, none of this would exist without the iPhone. For an iFanatic like me, it’s hard to imagine life before iPhone existed, but it was only 6 years ago.  And the engineering feats accomplished to bring it into existence […]

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Leveraging The App Store To Grow Your Web Business

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : Marketing | Date : 8 June, 2012 | Tags : , ,

Quick Note: We make custom iphone app templates for developers and entrepreneurs who cannot design themselves. Saving them $1,000’s in iphone app design. If you’re interested in using iphone app templates, Please Click Here. A recent article about the popular note-keeping app, Evernote, on mashable, stated that the company got 10 million new users in […]

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