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Mobile vs. Desktop Software Development

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 6 February, 2017 | Tags : , , , , ,

  Developers have spent years perfecting their skills in creating desktop applications, but creating mobile applications requires a distinct approach. The basics still apply — good design, clean code, a robust feedback process, and so on. The best mobile applications, though, come from developers who understand and have experience with the small touch screen. Application […]

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App Store Optimization for Small Developers

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 9 January, 2017 | Tags : , , , , ,

  You’ve got a new mobile application all set to sell. The only trouble is that you’re competing against a million other apps. How do you get customers to notice yours? The most common way that users discover apps is by searching the Apple or Google Play app store. People discover 63% of their applications […]

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Five Most Popular App Categories For 2017

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 4 January, 2017 | Tags : , , ,

2016 saw many of the usual suspects, such as social media and games, dominating distribution and customer usage time. There were a few surprises, however, which look to build momentum moving into the new year as app developers continue to innovate. According to Apple and Google Play Store sales figures and industry projections, you can […]

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12 Tips to Earn More Money With Your App

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 25 December, 2016 | Tags : , , ,

There are over two million available apps in the App Store for Apple and Android users. Since the market place is crowded, it is important for you to develop a sold marketing plan for your mobile app before and after its launch. Here are 12 marketing tips that can help you earn more money from your […]

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Simple Android Chat App Tutorial with Firebase Integration

BY : Johan Van Zilj | CATEGORY : News | Date : 24 August, 2016 | Tags :

Welcome to the Simple Android Chat App Tutorial with Firebase Integration tutorial which will take you on a step by step guide on how to create your very own chat app with a back end that integrates to Firebase. Before you get started First download the free Chatt Android app coursework template project from our website here […]

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The Ultimate Native App Design Resources List for 2016

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 30 June, 2016 | Tags : , ,

We’re starting our list of the Ultimate Native App Design Resources here.  We’ll add to it over the next few months, so let us know any cool new resources you find that we should add. Wireframing and UX Our two favourite wireframing and UX tools are both simple to use, and help us focus on the interactions […]

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Building apps that engage and drive conversions

BY : Johan Van Zilj | CATEGORY : News | Date : 27 April, 2016 | Tags :

With mobile applications downloads expecting to reach 200 billion in 2017 according to eMarketer , now is the time to start optimizing your mobile applications to allow for greater engagement and  to drive conversions. Our friends at “think with Google” have done a spectacular job of how to go about this in the below in depth […]

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Migrating from Eclipse to Android Studio

BY : Johan Van Zilj | CATEGORY : News | Date : 22 January, 2016 | Tags :

All our Android templates now support both Android Studio and Android Studio. But over the last couple of months, I have noticed more people asking how they should go about moving their existing Android projects from the Android Studio environment to Android Studio the InteliJ based IDE that is now the official editor for the Android project. As […]

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Developing Games in iOS Swift With SpriteKit – Part 1

BY : Hossam Ghareeb | CATEGORY : News | Date : 31 August, 2015 | Tags : , ,

What’s SpriteKit? SpriteKit is a new framework from iOSonward to make 2d games in iOS and OSX. It comes built-in in Xcode and has fully support for sprites, physics, particle system, filters, video and so on. SpriteKit uses the traditional game rendering loop where you can render or process the game contents in each frame. SpriteKit […]

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Size Classes Tutorial in iOS and Xcode 6

BY : Hossam Ghareeb | CATEGORY : News | Date : 8 July, 2015 | Tags : ,

Introduction After the current variety of iOS devices screen sizes, was necessary to find a new tool or a new concept for designing the layout of your app. To make an app that works in all screen sizes is not an a easy thing and many cases you have to write code to handle them. […]

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Best & Latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Mockup Templates

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 10 September, 2014 | Tags :

With the release of the iPhone 6 we though it would be best to provide you with a frequently updated list of fresh new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus PSD mockup templates for web & mobile designers. Free free to download and use them to showcase your App or web projects.   iPhone 6 and iPhone […]

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What is Google Material Design, and what’s it mean for Android

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 30 June, 2014 | Tags :

Google announced Material Design at Google I/O 2014.  What is Google Material Design? In short, it’s a cohesive look and feel for all of Google software.  Material Design is the answer to the questions “What if, instead of just things on a screen, a UI were a real object?” So from Android L onwards (the […]

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Will Apple iWatch change the world?

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 15 April, 2014 | Tags :

It is rumored Apple is set to release the iWatch before the end of 2014, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo.  This is first product that Apple will have launched since the iPad launch in 2010, which invented tablet computing as we know it. Even more significantly, this will be the first new […]

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Is the App Store coming to the Apple TV?

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 14 April, 2014 | Tags :

Earlier in the year Apple CEO Tim Cook told shareholders that the AppleTV was no longer a ‘hobby’ for Apple after having sold over 28 million units (cumulatively) since its launch in 2007. Steve Jobs famous musings to biographer Walter Isaacson about TV sparked widespread rumours at the time of an integrated Apple TV set […]

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Why build an app with an app template?

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 4 April, 2014 | Tags :

Why build an app with an app template? What’s an app template, and why build your app with one? Until recently most apps have been built completely ‘custom’. There aren’t really any established CMS’s (Content Management Systems) for apps which mean that they have to be developed natively (i.e. using native code to that platform) […]

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Why we decided to accept BitCoins on our site and you should too

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 28 March, 2014 | Tags :

No we are not in the business of selling drugs, munitions or any other illegal stuff. We sell app templates. So why have we decided to accept BitCoins on MyAppTemplates? We now accept BitCoins because developers like BitCoins, and we like developers. Look at what developers care about on Hacker News. It’s the cryptocurrency, and […]

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Android Leads the Way with Wearable Technology

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 26 March, 2014 | Tags :

Android Leads the Way with Wearable Technology Android and innovation can be said to have become one in the same. Google led the way with their Android open platform OS in 2008, which exploded within the market, and now they are extending it a step further. March of 2014 brought Google’s announcement of ‘Android Wear’, […]

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Bluethumb iOS7 art app – a cool new app

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 16 November, 2013 | Tags :

Here’s a fantastic new iPhone app for iOS7, the Bluethumb art app.  Released last week in the Australian app store, it feels like a game changer for art on phones.  We haven’t seen a visual art market place as a app before at all, and we think this really kills it for useability and easy […]

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My thoughts on the Freelancer IPO: 400million valuation on $500,000 profit

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 3 November, 2013 | Tags :

By my rough calculations, is floating at a PE of 800.  That’s some serious potential earning the market is factoring in, given the ASX has a rough PE of 10-12.  That is, it would take your average ASX listed company 10 – 12 years for a company to earn back it’s worth. Freelancer, on […]

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We have iOS7 app templates! And they look preeetty awesome.

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 3 October, 2013 | Tags : , ,

Yes, exciting news, we have our brand new, compile-in-xCode-5, iOS7 iPhone app templates.  They’re up on the site now, and available for download. Check out the new Tap Tag iOS7 template here Like a cross between Pinterest and Instagram, for shopping.  We could have called in InstaPinShop.  Or PinstagramStore.  Eitherway, it’s designed purely for iOS7, […]

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How flat are iOS7 apps?

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 20 September, 2013 | Tags :

The buzz about the complete overhaul of iOS isn’t just media hype. In iOS7, the latest version of iPhone and iPad operating system, Apple has put in real work to enrich the user experience with a new flat design. Yep iOS7’s pretty flat. I’ve been using it since the July alpha, and after the initial […]

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Check Out This Awesome iOS7 Design CheatSheet

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : News | Date : 27 August, 2013 | Tags :

As some of you already know, we are getting ready to release our new iOS7 app templates. We are very excited, as we know some of you are. And we hope we can blow your socks off with these beauties that we have coming up! Just to give you a little peak into our design […]

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User Testimonials sent via email

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : News | Date : 17 July, 2012 | Tags :

Here some emails that users have sent us. I’ve just added portions of the messages that would work for testimonials and removed full names for privacy. Chris, UK First of all i’d like to say your templates look great and are fit for purpose. You have saved me a lot of time here. Divya, India […]

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