Daily Motivational Post: Just Do It – Danny Haber

This is a guest post by young entrepreneur, Danny Haber, former Co-Founder of the Middle Eastern financial website, Nuqudy.com. Now working on his next venture.  He blogs over at www.legendarymoves.com where his goal is to offer a startup encyclopedia for early founders.

Enjoy his post, its a good’n!


Most startups never get off the ground.  After work people discuss ideas in a coffeeshop.  These ideas are discussed for days and sometimes years, but they never go anywhere.  Ideas are a dime a dozen, and talk is cheap.

Mark Suster, 2 time winner and current prolific venture capitalist, gave a speech where he spoke about after working in a corporate job he and friends would brainstorm ideas.  After 9 months of talking he got tired, quit his job and started a company.  Many months after starting these same friends joined Suster in his new company.  However, these friend, who talked and talked, joined for less than 1% and where no longer colleagues but employees of Suster.

What separates the winners from the losers is a mix of vision, drive, persistence, leadership.  You might not think you are an entrepreneur, you can be afraid of failing, losing all your money, going into debt.  You cannot know if you have the necessary personality traits until you.  Some people try for months, years, recently I have met an entrepreneur who has tried for 10 years and still has not made it.  Ben Horowtiz describes the struggle much better than I can.

For close to 2 years I helped start a company in the Middle East.  However, as long as I can remember I have wanted to start my own company.  I left a great opportunity to just do it.  I knew Silicon Valley is the technology capital of the world, yet I did not have one friend out in Northern California nor investors to back me or a co founder to build with me.  I could have delayed but I said fuck it and just did it.

I get emails all the time from people along the lines of: “I am waiting for a great job or funding before moving to Silicon Valley”.

Time is passing you by, just fucking do it.

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