Doing 21 Things PER DAY to Increase Your Luck Surface Area

Luck Surface Area is a term that was coined by Jason Roberts from the techzing podcast (which i highly recommend checking out).

What it basically means is that the more things you do, that positively affect your business, the more likely it is that a ‘LUCKY’ thing will happen to you. This could be anything from a feature on the New York Times to a mention on a popular tv show and a bunch of other seemingly serendipitous things that you could probably think up.

This is a concept that i really, REALLY like. It’s one of those simple yet often overlooked ideas that you seem to come across very rarely in the online/mobile entrepreneurship space.

Basically that if you KEEP DOING SHIT. Good things will happen.

And it does… Every time i’ve found myself in a fortunate position it has always seemed to have come from a lot of doing. I’ve never got lucky in business by ‘luck’ in other words.

The only problem that i’ve found personally in increasing my own luck surface area is in being consistent about it.

Sometimes i’m really awake and up for it, doing 100 things in a day, other times i’m lazy and literally get nothing done.

We’re ALL human and all fall into the same traps.

I have found though, that implementing a framework for myself helps improve my output and general consistency quite dramatically and it is this.

Do 21 things PER DAY that will increase your luck surface area.

The number 21 has little significance, its kind of just a number that i like. And one i’m highly motivated to work against. Yours could be anything. But i’ve found that generally going over 10 things works best to fuel motivation.

Your ‘things’ could be anything. Just along as they move your business forward in SOME positive way. Examples are, writing a blog post, sending out a partnership request or even doing a podcast interview. Spend 10 minutes writing out ideas and you’ll literally come up with hundreds.

Another thing that i like to do while accomplishing these mini goals is to tally them out in a txt file. I like to visualize it as if i’m collection points in a game. So for every ‘thing’ that i do. I mark it down in a txt file and collect a ‘point’.

I really cannot emphasize enough how much this has helped me move forward with my business and ATTRACT ‘luck’ to it.

It really works.

Give it a try and let me know how you do!

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If you’ve got some ideas on how to implement luck surface area into your life then please let me know in the comments!


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