Are the templates complete apps?

No, our app templates are programmed front end UI templates. While they have the front end views programmed you can see, they don’t have backend APIs or the business logic programmed. So you can run them on your phone, but they don’t have a backend.
We focus on awesome design & UX, and adding in the best code frame work for you to go in and build out your app. Everybody’s app is different so there would be crazy amounts of custom requests to change if we provided complete apps.  So they’re not complete apps, but are a massive head start for developing one.


What will it take to finish the app and submit into the store?

It really depends on what you want to do with your app. Some apps may only need a ‘local’ database, say a food app, so you will only need to create the database and add it to the template, and change the UI as you need. Other apps may require an API built, that is a way for the app to get and send data.  So this would need a hosted database and web service build, which could then be hooked into that app.


Do the templates require programming experience to customise?

Yes, they do. Our templates are coded in native Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android.  Some of our newest iOS templates are coded in Swift. Our templates require experience in these programming languages, they don’t have WYSIWYG editors unfortunately. If you’ve never coded, we’d suggest finding an experienced developer to work with – a template will still save them time implementing.


Is there a Sample App available?

Yep, download it free here. It’s a cut down version of one of our apps. You can also download any of the Android APK files from the Android product pages, and run them straight away on your device.


Do you do customisations?

We certainly do! Check out the customisation page.


Can I combine two templates?

Combining 2 apps is complex due to the way apps are programmed – it is similar development effort to take one and customise it with all the new features. We can quote on custom apps, though custom apps cost more as there is significantly more development work involved.


Do you do full apps?

Yessir.  Check them out here.


Do you have sample documentation?

Yes, all our templates have sample documentation for download, and example code, on the template product pages.


What are the requirements for using your templates?



  • Xcode 5.1 download free
  • Adobe Photoshop to edit .psd files
  • Mac running OS 10.8+


Do your Android templates run in Android Studio?

Currently no, as it’s still in Beta.  They are created, and will run, in Android Studio.


What license are the themes released under?

Our licensing page explains what you can or cannot do with the templates depending on the license you purchased.
We love seeing our templates used in live apps on the stores, so please send us a link to the app once its live, we’ll try to feature it on the blog!


What version of XCode or iOS are the XCode sample projects

iOSand Xcode 5+.


Are your templates multi-lingual?

No currently the templates are only written in English, meaning you will need to add labels to buttons etc yourself in the project to make them multilingual.


What is your refund policy?

You have 30 days to try out the template and then if you feel it’s not for you, just an email via the contact form with your Order number and you will get a full refund.


How do I get my template?

After your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link to get access to the designs. You can also log in to your newly created account and download the designs from your Account.


Will the app template run on PhoneGap, Titanium, Xamarin, HTML5?

Nope, unfortunately not.  All our templates are coded in native Objective-C, Java or Swift so won’t run on these other development platforms.