How to build an iPhone app from an idea

Every App came from an idea. Although the best apps are beautifully simple to use, they are invariably complicated to build. The good news is there are app templates out there (and here) that will save you time and money when you’re ready to turn your design ideas into an app.

Do you want to make an app but have no idea where to start? Here are a few simple steps on how to build an iPhone app, with the help of an app template.

Start with an Idea
Break out your iPhone and open up the App Store. Look at genres or themes and find what interests you the most. Do you like games? News? Books? Music? Television? Sports? Check out similar Apps for insights and ideas. Or find an App and think of how to improve it. A world beating app doesn’t have to be a unique idea, it can often be an existing idea with a new spin, or better user flow. Maybe you already have a design in mind. The best apps come from simple ideas and most of their objectives are similar. All you need is that spark and some creativity.

Design a great User Experience (UX)
Designing a great UX is crucial to making your App a success! An effective and sound UX design is when your App works to deliver what it promises to and is able to satisfy a consumer’s need. The key concept of UX is “don’t make me think”. A user needs to be able to open your app and immediately know what to do with it. If an App is designed to accomplish a certain task it has to be tailored to fit a consumer’s wants and needs. In able to do this UX designers have to think outside their experience and step into your clients’ shoes. Know what your target audience is and get their feedback. In this way you can ensure your app will make clients happy and will most likely attract other consumers. Think like an App user and figure out how to get the most out of your App.

Get Excellent Artwork
The next step to creating a great app is finding the right artwork to go with it. You have to admit ‘eye candy’ graphics are an instant hit and usually what catches a users attention. An App Template can greatly help you with this process. Custom, beautiful artwork is time consuming to create, but makes your app stand out in the hundreds of thousands of apps in the app store. With a template, you can immediately have your own beautiful custom artwork in your app.

Create a great codebase in objective-C
This step involves using software development tools that develop software for iOS. Xcode is an integrated development environment developed by Apple and is a prerequisite for iOS, it can be downloaded free from Apple. iOS7 is the latest operating system software available for iPhones, this new upgrade boasts of simplistic design and usage, condensing tasks according to importance so you can find and use them effortlessly. Before you can work on your app with Xcode you will need to learn how to program Objective-C, or get a good developer with experience in it. Here’s where there is huge time savings with a template – if you’re a developer you already have a great, update code base to start on. If you’re giving it to a developer to finish, you’ll save countless hours of dev time with our templates.

And there you have it! Once you’re app is done you’re ready to submit to the app store. This isn’t the end of the process, as marketing your app, app store SEO, and making it stand out in the app store all need to be considered, but this is a topic for another post.

Now all you need is to find the right app template. Go get your app on and turn that idea into an app.

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