How You Get More From $69 iPhone App Templates Than A $1000+ Design

We make custom iphone app templates that save you $1,000’s in iphone app design costs. A question a lot of our customers seem to ask us on a fairly regular basis is how we differ from a custom iphone app design from a designer?

So in this post, i’m going to break down the key differences and benefits to getting iphone app templates as opposed to a $1,000+ design from an iphone app designer.

I’m going to do it in list form, so you can see, visually all of the benefits of iphone app templates in comparison to the alternative. I’ll be showing you what you get with each. So you get a good all around view of the value for money.

With iPhone App Templates You Get:

– A Fully functional, working Xcode project. Ready to boot up and use as all the coding has been done for you.

– Full Design PSD’s. To edit in any way you want.

– Full Retina Display – Backwards compatible with all iOS versions (including Current iOS 5)

– A range of buttons and interfaces (including awesome niche screens)

– Availability in a variety of different colors.

With An iPhone App Design From A Designer, You Get:

– Full PSD’s

– Iterations (That you’ll have to pay for, more often than not).

With just this small example, you can see pretty clearly where the benefits lie, if you’re on a tight budget.

Here are some of the other benefits of iphone app templates over $1,000 designs.

There Is Less Risk Of Not Getting What You Want – When hiring a designer, even when you pay top dollar, you still rus the risk that you will not get what you want. iphone app templates will remove that risk.

Save Time by not having to make a design from scratch – Designing an iPhone app takes time. And as any iOS Developer would tell you, time is money. Our template will save you hours that could be spent better elsewhere. Like marketing your app! 

I hope i have given you enough information here, to see why getting an iphone app template is the smart move for cost concious entrepreneur.

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