KeitaiUI iOS 8 UI Elements Kit

Everything you need to design beautiful iOS apps.

A comprehensive kit of 700+ handcraft, unique UI elements, designed by us to meet the exacting Apple HIG for iOS app. It’s time saving, imagination stoking, design goodness rolled into 8 neat PSDs. Drag and drop these retina assets into your next app design project to spend less time on the boring stuff, and more time on your creative vision.

Layered, Grouped & Color coded PSDs

Dealing with hundreds of elements can be hard, so we’ve laid out our PSDs in the easiest possible way, to they’re nice and efficient to use. Each Kit comes on one PSD, with each group of layered elements then Grouped (of course!). Then we’ve colour coded the groups into sections, like Nav Bars, Tab Bars etc. This makes dropping them into your iPhone or iPad design project simple.

What’s included in this download

  • 8 layered Adobe Photoshop .psd files each with almost 100 iOS UI elements
myapptemplates KeitaiUI iOS 8 UI Elements Kit

8 different iOS 8 app kits. Each kit has close to 100 individual elements ready to drop into your iPhone designs. All with the same modern design and attention to detail, as easy to customize layered PSDs.

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Layered, Grouped Files

iOS 10 ready

Drag and Drop


Sleek, Modern Design

8 Matching Kits

Code Snippet

Template Benefits

  • Professional UI Elements that Meet Apple Human Interface Guidelines
  • Layered, structured PSDs
  • Beautiful, minimal design with excellent UX flow
  • 8 Separate UI Kits in One
  • 700 UI elements for designing beautiful iOS apps