11 Places To Promote Your App, For Free

I spend a large portion of my day, thinking of ways to help developers and entrepreneurs who buy iphone app templates from my site, better promote their apps. I know, from experience, that promoting your app is often the hardest part of the entire app development process (that’s why we try to create iphone app templates to make it easier for you :). ) and most of the time their is very little in the way of a budget to spend on advertising. Fortunately i’ve discovered a few free places that app developers can showcase their apps without having to break the bank, though you will have to put in your fair share of sweat to really reap the benefits.

Here’s some of the best places to promote your app online, for free:

Your Blog

How to use it:

Writing interesting posts is the first step to spreading the word about your app and sharing it on a lot of the resources i’ve listed here. If you don’t have this crucial piece then most, if not all of your promotional efforts will be in vain. However if you prefer to create content mostly on other sites and directly link to your app then that could work also and is also a viable strategy.


How to use it:

On Facebook, you have the advantage of inherent virality. Any content you share has the potential to explode and get you a lot of traffic and downloads. I’d recommend starting a Facebook Page then sharing it to your friends, then go from there or you can post specific content, like videos or web comics, that reference and are related to your app in some way.

i Newswire

How To Use It:

On i-NewsWire, you simply submit your press release and they then distribute it to a variety of relevant sites and distribution partners. The main thing to focus on with this is unique and note-worthy content. I.e. Don’t just talk about your app features. Share an interesting story about your app or if you have customers, share their interesting stories using your app, for example.


How to use it:

The content on stumble upon is mainly geared towards virality. At the same time the kind of content you should want to share should be primarily geared towards downloading your app, so what you share here should be short, but very, very sweet.


How to use it:

This is an invite only design community, but if you’re able to get one, showcasing your apps design here could be a great away to get your app in front of others. ‘Shots‘, the screenshots that are shared on the site, often receive over a thousand views.


How to use it:

This is the bread and butter of app promotion. Sharing a video reviewing your app on youtube is a must do. Make sure that the keywords you use for the title and description are the ones that you think are geared towards the users you’re trying to get.


How to use it:

I’d suggest building a following first, by sharing interesting links and articles then once in a while you can promote yourself and your apps. It’s slower than some of the other methods but with the virality of social media. It could pick up in a big way quite quickly.


How to use it:

With DailyMotion, just like youtube, you can submit a review of your app, along with relevant keywords so that the video can be easily found.


How to use it:

Similar to Dribbble, but without the need for an invite, Behance could be a great way to get an audience for your app if you have a good design. People often browse these sites for design ideas, sometimes hundreds a day. So the potential for exposure of your app is pretty good. Plus it’ll only take you minutes to post it, so there’s no losing.


How to use it:

Similar to Youtube and Dailymotion, the general guidelines for them, will also apply here. Things such as proper use of keywords and great descriptions will help you get found. There is a little bit more of a high brow audience on Vimeo, so submitting a fairly high quality video will definitely not hurt.

Other Peoples Blogs

How to use it:

Getting yourself on other people’s blogs via guest posts, interviews or any other content related feature is a great way to get your app in front of new users. Generally, if you email the site owner with a valid request, and a suggestion for the kind of content that you’d like to produce for them, then you’ll get a positive response. Try to make sure that you only go for the people who are in your particular niche though. As not doing so would not be very effective. (It’s my main method of promoting my iphone app templates, and it also helps with SEO, so far a number of people have found the site by typing in, ‘iphone app templates’ to google. )

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