Shamelessness – The Most Important Entrepreneurial Trait

What i am (and probably everybody else is) thinking when i read a typical business book is this: What are the key takeaways (and can i have them in as short a time as possible please, but that’s a topic for another post)?

In 99% of them, its the same old story. Persistence this, courage that, positive mindset this, the law of attraction that. But one thing they never seem to talk about is, shamelessness. It’s a trait that i believe to be THE MOST IMPORTANT trait to possess if you really want to be successful as an entrepreneur.

The reasons why it’s not often talked about i won’t be discussing at length here, but my guess is that it’s ignored because of the taboo that it has attached to it. People, in general, don’t like to put themselves ‘out there’ and those who do are often ostracized.

Think back on the last time you saw somebody you knew being shameless, how did it make you feel? Embarrassed? Maybe jealous? Most likely its the first. It’s in most peoples nature to be conservative.

What a lot of newbie entrepreneurs don’t realize though is that entrepreneurship is an effort of pure will. It’s waking up everyday and forcing your energy into the world. And being conservative about this in ANY way will be not only a huge disadvantage to you but it will most likely make you fail.

The reason why shamelessness is so important is that it allows you to act and bypass all the bullshit that people can already see through. When you’re being conservative about wanting something, people can still see that you want that thing, but you’re lack of straightforwardness will probably mean that you will annoy them more than if you were just being straight about what you wanted. It will also probably mean that you will end up not getting what you want.

Honestly, to compete, especially in this hyper-connected world we have today, where everybody’s talking and can be heard, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE but to ram yourself down peoples throats.

On any given day you could find yourself emailing a blog owner in your niche or even a competitor, in order to get a guest post spot or to form a possible partnership. Do you think that being conservative about this rather than just going for it, is gonna yield any positive results? Of course not. That guy you’re emailing, probably get’s emailed a hundred times a day. And almost all of them are gonna be coming at it conservatively. You should not.

Now, there is obviously a time and a place for discretion. You can’t always be obnoxious about your approach. But with a little common sense and a lot of hustle. Shamelessness can and often will, get you anywhere.

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2 Responses to “Shamelessness – The Most Important Entrepreneurial Trait”

  1. Leon says:

    Oh, well … let’s be shameless then! Check out my app:

    • tapha_ngum says:

      hahaha, touche my friend.

      Your site is actually pretty awesome by the way. Could have used it when i was a student. HATED! and didn’t take any notes.