Welcome to the Simple Android Chat App Tutorial with Parse Integration tutorial which will take you on a step by step guide on how to create your very own chat app with back end integration.

Before you get started

  1. First download the free Chatt Android app coursework template project from our website here
  2. If you don’t have Android Studio you’ll need to download and install that it, grab it free here
  3. Sign up to Parse free here
  4. Download the Parse .jar file

Lesson 1

In this first lesson, we show you how to:
• Sign up to Parse free – http://parse.com
• Set up your backend in Parse for the Chat app to work
• Download the Parse .jar file
• Where to add it into the Android app template

Lesson 2

In the second lesson, we show you how to follow the the structure of the Android Chatt App Template project, to give you an overview of all the different project parts.

Lesson 3

The third lesson takes an in-depth look at the Chatt App Templates Layouts that are provided in the App Template.

Android UI is created with XML, and we go into detail about the buttons, fields and views for all the chat views. This is really a set-up or overview lesson, as in the next lessons we’ll be hooking our Parse API into these views. If you already understand the UI layouts, you can skim through this overview lesson.

Lesson 4

In the fourth lesson we take an in-depth look at the Android app code, specifically the Login, Register and UserList Java classes, and explain the key methods in each of these, and how they interact with the Parse backend.

Lesson 5

In the fifth lesson we finish looking over our Android app’s key Java classes that enable us to chat, namely Chat.Java and Conversation.Java class. These are the classes that do the heavy lifting in the chat app, so we go into detail about what each method does.

Lesson 6

Lesson six takes you through the whole Parse set up for a Chat mobile app. This is perhaps the most important lesson of all, so if you’ve skimmed the others, this is the one is worth focusing on!

Lesson 7

In lesson seven we finish everything off! We’ve added our Parse backend to the template, so it’s time to test it.

We go through:
• Running the app on Emulator
• Testing Register in app with Parse
• Running a 2nd device to live Chat between the two

Congratulations you’ve now got a live Android Chatt app running! We hope you’ve found the course interesting, and we’d love feedback about what you liked and what you’d like improved.