Submitting your iOS7 app to the Apple app store

For people working on their first iOS7 app, I came across a good guide to submitting your finished iOS app to the app store. Often building and finishing an app is such an intensive process that how to submit an app to the app store is just an after thought.

But building an app is only half the battle.
Getting people to find it and use it is the other half. And part of submission involves describing your app as well as getting the best screen shots possible to ‘sell it well’. This is extremely important, as it helps you stand out in the millions of apps on the app store.  Thse steps, and the other parts of the process of submitting your app, are described in detail in this guide. I think describing your properly should probably called ‘app store SEO’!

Anyway, here is the step by step app store submission guide.

The other handy resource is, of course, the official Apple app store submission documentation here

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