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Mobile vs. Desktop Software Development

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 6 February, 2017 | Tags : , , , , ,

  Developers have spent years perfecting their skills in creating desktop applications, but creating mobile applications requires a distinct approach. The basics still apply — good design, clean code, a robust feedback process, and so on. The best mobile applications, though, come from developers who understand and have experience with the small touch screen. Application […]

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The 10 Best Android Design Sites

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 28 August, 2014 | Tags : ,

So we design a lot of Android app templates here, and we are constantly on the look out for great Android design inspiration sites. Apart from the obvious spots like the Play Store, and Dribble, we use a range of different places to get Android design inspiration.  So I’ve compiled a top ten list of […]

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