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Four Things to Know before Starting your App

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 26 February, 2015 | Tags : ,

  1. Start with the problem If you’re a business with a need for a good native mobile experience, then this is the perfect problem to solve with an app. But often a business just needs a good responsive or mobile website. If users only need your business a few times a year, then your app isn’t […]

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How to build an iPhone app from an idea

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 18 September, 2013 | Tags : , ,

Every App came from an idea. Although the best apps are beautifully simple to use, they are invariably complicated to build. The good news is there are app templates out there (and here) that will save you time and money when you’re ready to turn your design ideas into an app. Do you want to […]

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