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Submitting your iOS7 app to the Apple app store

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : iOS7 | Date : 19 October, 2013 | Tags : , ,

For people working on their first iOS7 app, I came across a good guide to submitting your finished iOS app to the app store. Often building and finishing an app is such an intensive process that how to submit an app to the app store is just an after thought. But building an app is […]

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We have iOS7 app templates! And they look preeetty awesome.

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : News | Date : 3 October, 2013 | Tags : , ,

Yes, exciting news, we have our brand new, compile-in-xCode-5, iOS7 iPhone app templates.  They’re up on the site now, and available for download. Check out the new Tap Tag iOS7 template here Like a cross between Pinterest and Instagram, for shopping.  We could have called in InstaPinShop.  Or PinstagramStore.  Eitherway, it’s designed purely for iOS7, […]

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