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99 iPhone App Ideas That Could Make You Rich

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : iphone app ideas | Date : 8 August, 2012 | Tags : , ,

Here is a list of App Ideas that could make you rich, compiled over time and occasionally updated. Now with 50 new ideas! They are the first 50 in the list…enjoy! Hey, if you’re ready to take the next step and get started on your app journey, but simply can’t afford to spend $1,000 for the […]

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5 Inspiring iPhone App Designs From Dribbble

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 6 August, 2012 | Tags : ,

Dribbble is the one site that never disappoints. I’ve literally spend hours going through the designs there and even used a few as inspiration for my custom iphone app templates. I think that the quality there is the best there is online. So if inspiration for a great iphone app design is what you’re after. […]

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5 iPhone App Designs That Got Over 1 Million Downloads

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 17 July, 2012 | Tags : , ,

1 millions downloads of an app takes a lot of doing. The pieces involved are too many to go over in this post, they deserve posts of there own if i’m honest. The odds are stacked against anyone doing it. But these iphone app designs have managed to beat those odds. Here are 5 of […]

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4 Free iPhone App Design PSD’s (2012)

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 17 July, 2012 | Tags : , , , ,

Finding great design resources online is hardly difficult. A quick google search and you can find just about anything you would need. But thats not the case for most things iphone app design related. It’s getting better but it’s still not great. That’s one of the reasons why i created this site. I’ll be sharing […]

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Thomas Strock – The 16 Year Old Making A Dent In The App Store With MobileAppTycoon

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : Entrepreneur Interviews | Date : 9 July, 2012 | Tags : , , , , ,

  I recently caught up with young entrepreneur (he’s only 16!), Thomas Strock of, a website where the young tycoon shares tips for entrepreneurs who would like to get themselves into the app store, but are not too sure how to go about it. He recently launched an iphone app, SharePrayer, which is very […]

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