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How to build an iPhone app from an idea

BY : Scott Runkel | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 18 September, 2013 | Tags : , ,

Every App came from an idea. Although the best apps are beautifully simple to use, they are invariably complicated to build. The good news is there are app templates out there (and here) that will save you time and money when you’re ready to turn your design ideas into an app. Do you want to […]

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11 Places To Promote Your App, For Free

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : Marketing | Date : 7 August, 2012 | Tags : ,

I spend a large portion of my day, thinking of ways to help developers and entrepreneurs who buy iphone app templates from my site, better promote their apps. I know, from experience, that promoting your app is often the hardest part of the entire app development process (that’s why we try to create iphone app […]

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What Is An iPhone App Template?

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : iphone app template | Date : 6 August, 2012 | Tags : , , ,

So you’ve been browsing around this site and are a little confused about what the hell these iphone app template thingies are. Have no fear, the template god is here – yes, actually just said that ;). OK. So first off i will describe the problem and who needs templates, so you can get a […]

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4 Free iPhone App Design PSD’s (2012)

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : App Design | Date : 17 July, 2012 | Tags : , , , ,

Finding great design resources online is hardly difficult. A quick google search and you can find just about anything you would need. But thats not the case for most things iphone app design related. It’s getting better but it’s still not great. That’s one of the reasons why i created this site. I’ll be sharing […]

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How You Get More From $69 iPhone App Templates Than A $1000+ Design

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : iphone app template | Date : 15 June, 2012 | Tags : ,

We make custom iphone app templates that save you $1,000’s in iphone app design costs. A question a lot of our customers seem to ask us on a fairly regular basis is how we differ from a custom iphone app design from a designer? So in this post, i’m going to break down the key […]

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