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Shamelessness – The Most Important Entrepreneurial Trait

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : Success | Date : 3 July, 2012 | Tags : ,

What i am (and probably everybody else is) thinking when i read a typical business book is this: What are the key takeaways (and can i have them in as short a time as possible please, but that’s a topic for another post)? In 99% of them, its the same old story. Persistence this, courage […]

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Doing 21 Things PER DAY to Increase Your Luck Surface Area

BY : Tapha Ngum | CATEGORY : Success | Date : 30 June, 2012 | Tags : , , ,

Luck Surface Area is a term that was coined by Jason Roberts from the techzing podcast (which i highly recommend checking out). What it basically means is that the more things you do, that positively affect your business, the more likely it is that a ‘LUCKY’ thing will happen to you. This could be anything from […]

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