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Developing Games in iOS Swift With SpriteKit – Part 1

BY : Hossam Ghareeb | CATEGORY : News | Date : 31 August, 2015 | Tags : , ,

What’s SpriteKit? SpriteKit is a new framework from iOSonward to make 2d games in iOS and OSX. It comes built-in in Xcode and has fully support for sprites, physics, particle system, filters, video and so on. SpriteKit uses the traditional game rendering loop where you can render or process the game contents in each frame. SpriteKit […]

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Size Classes Tutorial in iOS and Xcode 6

BY : Hossam Ghareeb | CATEGORY : News | Date : 8 July, 2015 | Tags : ,

Introduction After the current variety of iOS devices screen sizes, was necessary to find a new tool or a new concept for designing the layout of your app. To make an app that works in all screen sizes is not an a easy thing and many cases you have to write code to handle them. […]

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Getting started with Glam App iOS Template and Parse

BY : Hossam Ghareeb | CATEGORY : Tutorial | Date : 17 June, 2015 | Tags : , , ,

Introduction Glam eCommerce iOS Template for Swift is one of the awesome, easy to use templates that can be used to create your own shopping application. The template contains most of screens needed to create your application, starting from the splash and login screen to the checkout screen. In this tutorial, we are not going […]

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