The 3 most important things to know about the Android Nexus 6

So for anyone who’s been living under a rock for the last 2 weeks, Google made a rather large announcement.  Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system is here, along with coming new devices Nexus 6 phone [phablet], Nexus 9 tablet and Nexus Player.

Now we’ve had a bit of time to digest the huge news, here are the 3 most important points on the new Android Nexus 6 imho.

Nexus 6


Ok, so it’s big.

Yep, it’s almost 6 inches, so it’s really big.  Is it too big?  I guess we won’t know until we use it, but it’s got an awesome Quad HD display which sounds incredible.

It’s not cheap.

We’ve been used to pretty well specced out devices from Google that have been cheap. So not the fastest, or the most feature rich, but never the less great devices, at half the price of a comparable iOS or Samsung device.  But no longer.  The Nexus 6 is coming in at $650 for the base model, which is not much less than other high end phones.  But it doesn’t seem expensive, as this is a high end phone.

It’s going to be the first ‘mainstream’ Nexus phone.

Yep, gone are the days of true Android fanboys and girls being the only one’s smirking at S5 bloatware and silly features from behind their Nexus 5s, the Nexus 6 is going mainstream.  Why? Because for the first time, in the US the main carriers are going to push them. Which means that finally, the indie pure Nexus phones are going to be sold to the masses, not just available online from Google. We think this is a good thing, as they really are awesome devices, so the buying deserve to experience pure Android without the bloatware and slow (or non-existent) OS upgrades.


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