User Testimonials sent via email

Here some emails that users have sent us. I’ve just added portions of the messages that would work for testimonials and removed full names for privacy.
Chris, UK
First of all i’d like to say your templates look great and are fit for purpose. You have saved me a lot of time here.
Divya, India
I didn’t even know this solution existed. Great work!
Ruben, Hungary
Our position in the app store shot up once we implemented your (SocialShare) template.
Chloe, UK
Thanks for making these templates, Tapha! You’ve helped a lot.
Danielle, Holland
First i ran a 99 designs contest, but no useable designs came from it. I was actually surprised. But i was recommeded your templates. And have to say i’m really satisfied with what you’ve made!
Keith, USA
We are currently using your fitness app design, and so far have doubled our app conversion rate.
Ray, USA
I bought 2 templates! These are really good!
Deniz, Russia
Did not know this was on the market, great idea. Just made a purchase.
Valerie, USA
I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I will definitely be recommending your templates next time i am asked for design help.
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