We have iOS7 app templates! And they look preeetty awesome.

Yes, exciting news, we have our brand new, compile-in-xCode-5, iOS7 iPhone app templates.  They’re up on the site now, and available for download.

Check out the new Tap Tag iOS7 template here http://www.myapptemplates.com/product/tap-tag-template-iphone-ios7/

Like a cross between Pinterest and Instagram, for shopping.  We could have called in InstaPinShop.  Or PinstagramStore.  Eitherway, it’s designed purely for iOS7, flat and beautiful, and ready to be downloaded and turned into an amazing app. Check it out!


For those unsure of just how different, new and exciting (and, um, flat) iOS7 is compared to iOS6, 5 etc, check out this resource, Made for iOS7 here http://madeforios7.tumblr.com.

An interesting collection of iO7 app screen shots that is constantly being improved.


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