Why build an app with an app template?

Why build an app with an app template?

What’s an app template, and why build your app with one?

Until recently most apps have been built completely ‘custom’. There aren’t really any established CMS’s (Content Management Systems) for apps which mean that they have to be developed natively (i.e. using native code to that platform) to get a great performance, and often require a complex API (Application Program Interface).

Whereas for websites there are lots of tools to quickly and efficiently create great sites.  Tools like WordPress and CMS frameworks like Magento and Joomla. Now there is a way to significantly reduce the time and cost of building awesome native phone apps, with an app template from MyAppTemplates.

Starting with a quality app template instead of a blank screen when developing an app for iPhone or Android is efficient in 2 ways.  Firstly, the design is done.  And with MyAppTemplates templates, it’s a really, really good design. The user experience (UX) is so important to make your app useful, and significant effort is put into creating the best UX design there is.  You get the layered PSD files too so you can customise them easily in Photoshop, and add custom design elements into your app’s UI.

Secondly, starting your app with an app template gives you high quality, modern, native code base to build your app.  Native code, Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android, is so important. What’s the difference I hear you ask?  A native app is built using the device’s OS’s language, and utilises the device’s hardware to run.  Non-native code, like HTML5 or Phonegap for example use server calls to run that app.  So responding to touch can be laggy. Native is crisp. You want to go native. The templates are all coded in quality native code, and will build on your device as soon as you get them.  Then you just need to code in the features you want, and add a backend or API if it is needed.  It’s a massive headstart to building your app.

And the best part about the efficiency of developing with an app template is it costs way less!  It can still vary in cost depending on the features in the app, but starting with a template will save you literally thousands of dollars in design costs and development, compared to starting from scratch. Awesome, right?

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4 Responses to “Why build an app with an app template?”

  1. Shreedhar says:

    It would be better if you provide some freebie templates to promote as AppDesignVault guys did.
    More than that complete Apps itself are available at much lesser rates on codecanyon, so $99 proves to be too high for just a template.

  2. ArunaLK says:

    Are you saying $99 too high for PSD design & iOS code? Then can you do the same kind of task for less than that?

  3. dike says:

    i think the price is ok, because of the quality of apps myapptemplates offer. i need a quiz app for android and ios.

  4. onakoya.olanrewaju says:

    great work guys